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Team SkyがTeam INEOSに!

Skyのスポンサー撤退がアナウンスされていた、Team Skyが5月からTeam INEOSに変更され、5月のツールドヨークシャーでお披露目されるとのこと。

 INEOSはイギリスの化学製品の会社でCEOのジム・ラットクリフは総資産2100万ポンドでイギリス1の富豪。Team Skyのサイトには以下のようにコメントが書かれている。


Cycling is a great endurance and tactical sport that is gaining ever more popularity around the world. Equally, cycling continues to mushroom for the general public as it is seen to be good for fitness and health, together with easing congestion and pollution in city environments. INEOS is delighted to take on the responsibility of running such a professional team.



Today’s announcement is great news for the team, for cycling fans, and for the sport more widely. It ends the uncertainty around the team and the speed with which it has happened represents a huge vote of confidence in our future. In Sir Jim Ratcliffe and INEOS, I know that we have found the right partner whose vision, passion and pioneering spirit can lead us to even greater success on and off the bike. It heralds the start of a hugely exciting new chapter for us all as Team INEOS. I would like to personally thank Jeremy Darroch, who over a decade ago had the vision to back us when others thought we were crazy. His support for the team through thick and thin has been remarkable and everyone at Team Sky thanks him for all he has done for our sport.

拙訳:今日のアナウンスはチームにも、自転車ファンにも、そして大きく言うとスポーツにとっていいニュースです。チームの不安も払拭されますし、これほど早くことが進んだのは、このチームの未来をみんなが信じている証拠でしょう。ジム・ラットクリフとイネオスについていえば、良いパートナーを得られたと思っており、そのヴィジョン、情熱と先駆者精神は自転車競技内外での我々の成功に寄与すると思っています。Team INEOSの新たなステージがとても刺激的なものになることを予感させてくれます。